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Mobile TIPSS Vehicle Integration & Land Systems Development

Bigge Defense has devoted considerable effort toward its vehicle project Mobile TIPSS, or Mobile Thermal Perimeter Surveillance System. Mobile TIPSS is a forward operations surveillance vehicle that became the foundation for the new MCAV or mine resistant combat armored vehicle.

This progression of developments led to additional technologies such as the hive network of communications, virtual tagging and targeting, modular protective shelter enhancement panels, as well as the IED protective composite BD9000. The culmination of these technologies presents a multi-purpose vehicle that can adapt to a wide variety of military functions while keeping our troops out of harms way.

Bigge Defense views Millinocket Maine as an ideal community for its manufacturing needs. The demographics and suitability of this tranquil community are now being looked at by other defense companies. The attraction for larger defense companies to relocate to rural regions can be seen in the quality and craftsmanship found in each product manufactured.

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