BD9000 IED Protection

The BD9000 IED Blast Barrier is a proprietary ballistic composite mixture of both commercial and ballistic Kevlar's, micro-mesh polyester weaves and other off-the-shelf components. The Department of Defense has expressed interest in further developing and integrating BD9000 into additional armors. The pocketed design affords protection against fragmentation, direct projectiles, the kinetic energy of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or shape charge, and various other high energy weapons through its ½ inch pliable composite structure.

Originally designed to improve tensile strength of fragmentation blanketing, BD9000 RDT&E soon exceeded all testing expectations. With this promising test data, Bigge Defense will endeavor to widen the scope of application and utility.
Project Goals:

  • Further develop both wet and dry variants.
  • Increase survivability against the raw energy produced by heavier IED's.
  • Broader scope of utility to include, air burst, impact damage from other than munitions, hull or airframe structures and rapid shelter enhancements. 



Bigge Defense has developed an IED protective composite called BD9000. This ballistic spall lining for Humvee's and other vehicles is designed to protect against the kinetic energy produced by an IED. Due to current deployments and Troop urgency, the "need" is to identify an immediate and effective solution to the IED proliferation that directly addresses the blast itself.

Many steps are being taken to electronically neutralize these threats, but efforts to mitigate the effect of an incident need to include more technologies that buffer the actual blast. BD9000 is a proven material that has reached an unprecedented level of ballistic capability and is well on its way to become available to our troops.

IED's have become our enemy's weapon of choice "Bigge Defense"… IED's come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and methods of detonation, account for nearly half of all combat fatalities, including injuries from TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury. No one solution can protect against them- No one can accurately locate them- And most importantly, no one can undo the damage they create. BD9000 is a battlefield urgent material, and Bigge Defense is committed to getting it into the hands of our troops.



Bigge Defense has started hard armor testing for the Mobile TIPSS vehicle project. Through these tests Bigge Defense will identify, refine and integrate a lightweight solution onto the prototype vehicle.


Ballistic Test @ 75 Yards

An initial rough materials test was successfully conducted December 12th 2011. With materials provided by ALCOA, Dyneema, and Honeywell, as well as a high velocity 50cal ballistics testing rifle provided by Anzio Ironworks, the goal to survive a 50cal threat at less than 20lbs per square foot was met. 

The goal of this armor development will be to field a light weight vehicle composite able to defeat all 50 cal threats, such as described within this USMC Terminal Ballistics Demonstration brief as well as threats including 14.5mm AP, RPG-7 and IED's.


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