Anzio 20-50 Extended Range Sniper Rifle
Most Powerful 50 cal rifle

 Operational Capabilities
• A much flatter projectile
• A higher ballistic coefficient
• Rapidly deployable & effective in adverse weather conditions.
• Delivers an 1100 grain projectile at 4600 fps of supersonic flight.
• Match grade accuracy for either anti-personnel, or hardened target  objectives.
• The bolt action Anzio 20-50 weighs only 39lbs, just 3lbs heavier than a M82 50cal.
• Delivers greater range, kinetic energy and destructive capability than “any” 50 cal.
• Designed as a single shot or magazine bolt action
• A semi-auto version is under development, at only 7 pounds heavier.

 Sniper Advantage
• Greater penetration
• 5000 meters effective fire
• Greater energy & velocity than a 50 cal.
• Comparable weight, size and recoil to the M82, but  delivers greater range

50 Cal, 20-50 Anzio, 20mm

Longest Sniper Kill Ever (So Far)

Now imagine a capability that could double that range





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