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Mobile Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Trailer

Mobile Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Trailer
The Northern US shares vast open and unattended borders with Canada. With daily travel between the US and Canada, recent problems since 911, and an ever growing need to monitor our borders makes it imperative that we not wait for yet another reason to beef up surveillance of this, an international border.

Strategically positioned unmanned units can achieve a cutting edge level of saturation coverage for considerably less money than other more costly sweep, or manned alternatives. The factors of life cycle cost, maintenance, and operating expense, heavily favor these silent outpost systems.

By placing ISR-T units on Maine's border with Canada, long-duration, long-distance surveillance will notify Federal agencies of intrusion size, direction, and do so from a more efficient central command.

The more than 500 miles of border surveillance would require 18 units, and can be implemented in a very short time. Being a Maine produced product offsets this cost through the tax revenues derived from company profits as well as the benefits of employing Mainers. Additional benefits befall Maine through early showcasing of Mobile ISR-T on its borders. The additional 4500 miles of international borders of the continental US, excluding Alaska, could utilize 180 Mobile ISR-T units. These figures increase dramatically when utilized by the military.

The Mobile ISR-T or mobile intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance trailer is an unmanned beyond 28 day operation intelligence platform. In an ever changing world, adaptability to monitor US interests needs to be scaleable, updatable and able to work in any climate. This Roll-on/roll-off C-130 deployable, HMMWV and aerial deliverable trailer is easily brought on and off the battlefield and can be positioned directly on target to elevated observation point anywhere in-theater. The Mobile ISR-T achieves long-term in-theater intelligence goals, provides remote surveillance to unattended airfields and distant convoy routes. The Mobile ISR-T achieves long-term in-theater intelligence goals with minimal human-in-the-loop, thus reducing operational and logistical dependency. Ruggedly encased it provides select environmental solutions: heating, cooling and filtering of fine dust like particles with existing COTS-GOTS products. The rational to encase all the assets beyond environmental protection and shipping purposes is to protect against unwanted attention or asset knowledge. It is upgradeable and reconfigurable by modular design and able to link-up with as many additional units as needed, and in doing so, each units input paints a more defined aspect of the battlefield.
The minimum surveillance controlled area (SCA) for a single unit is 254 sq km. In conjunction with ground surveillance radar (GSR) the (SCA) can extend much further. The Mobile ISR-T offers a heightened ability to confront the more modern day intruder as a force multiplier and can be a cost-cutting unmanned ISR outpost in an extended post-war occupational phase. Mobile ISR-T covers a vast area in little time with the utilization of the lightweight / all weather gimbaled thermal imager mounted atop a telescoping quick mast, providing a continuous long range field of vision with the ability to track direction and distance.
Operational Areas (CONUS)
  • Prevention: Visual vigilance is the backbone of border surveillance and a system that offers highly effective low-cost coverage is the optimum choice.
  • Search and Rescue: Mobile ISR-T offers superior visual detection in hazardous areas where illegals may become lost, or fall into distress due to difficult terrain.
  • Identification: With MIL-Spec, studio clarity optics, Mobile ISR-T offers greater visual verification of anyone attempting to cross the border.
  • Tracking, Analyzing & Communications (TAC): The Mobile ISR-T TAC system is the nerve center to its visual assets. This system allows command to form a more coherent and fluid picture of an ongoing operation from distant operational headquarters.
Operational Areas (Deployed)
  • Mapping of Human Terrain: Remote detection, identification and tracking of persons of interest, high value targets, and targets of opportunity.
  • Precision Visual Verification: This type of remote surveillance unit will extend target SITREP time and greatly reduce friendly fire and non-combatant incidents.
  • Underground Emplacement ISR: Locate, monitor and guide munitions to target from a safe stand-off distance.
  • Lowered Logistical Footprint: The remote nature of this technology offers not only greater range of surveillance (less troops per square mile), but additionally relies less on actual boots-on-the-ground response through precise targeting and guidance of munitions to target.
  • Force Protection: From direct base over-watch to remote unattended areas and convoy routes, this monitors areas where troop strength is stretched thin. (Force Multiplier)
  • Persistent Presence means a required seamless flow of connectivity, avoiding data gridlock to the operator and round the clock beyond 28 day vigilance.
Operational Progression
18 Units for Maine

With proper funding, this technology could play a vital role along the border in Maine. The fielding of a Mobile ISR-T unit would serve to prove its capability for additional units to combat the ever growing problem in the south.
180 Units spanning 4500 miles

In recent years the problems plaguing our southern states have brought the issues north. The crime and number of undocumented aliens directly affects the Federal budget and how we live our lives. Mobile ISR-T units would serve to catch those who intend on entering illegally and lessen the financial burden that we are already paying.

Scanning thousands of miles all day, everyday!

Daily reports show high level attacks on oil assets and the pipeline through which it runs. This compounded with daily assaults on US Forces and a serious number of insurgents that cross borders with supplies in witch to continue their cause.

Imagine how few Mobile IST-T units it would take to essentially close down these borders and continually monitor these assets, and thus hurt the food-chain of the extremists.

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